Litterarum Lyceum

Chisinau city


Theoretical Lyceum “Litterarum” was founded in 2002. It is an educational institution belonging to the sphere of alternative educational system.

Activities in the Lyceum “Litterarum”are directed towards a system of non-traditional training and education, which is based on the principle of differentiation of education among individuals.

The school education system has the following structure:

- Primary, grades I - IV, groups with prolonged national testing

- Secondary Education, Classes V - IX, capacity exams

- High school, Class X - XII, phys-math classes/ social baccalaureate exams

Classes I-IV working within groups in prolonged, which ingeniously promotes the implementation of three lines of activity:

- Liquidation program gaps in knowledge

- Recovery program

- Program for deepening knowledge.

Teaching is done based on long-term teaching projects and current ones. Achievement of curricular programs are implemented in both recommended by the Ministry of Education books and the alternative school's books.

Most children come from families of intellectuals. The geographical area of the students varies: in primary and secondary school children are citizens of Chisinau City, older students are from different regions of the Republic of Moldova.

High School Students participate in various projects and municipal contests, republican and international, achieving good results.

There are the following clubs activating in the High School:

1. “Young plastic”

2. “The young journalist”

3. “Debate Club”

4. “Chess Section”


6. “Swimming Section”

7. “Basketball Section”

8. “Dance Sports”

9. “Folk dance”

For the past three years in High School “Litterarum” it is edited the school magazine, which reflects the everyday life of teenagers.

High School “Litterarum” has 26 classrooms, which provide the learning process with one shift, two athletic fields, and pool.

Each stage of education takes place in separate blocks. Technical conditions of building is very good due to renovations in the latter times.

Good progress of the learning process - learning is provided by a teaching staff consisting of 45 teachers: 43 holder of Degrees, there are 2 teachers without professional degrees. Grade teaching: a teacher - Ph. D., two teachers - higher professional degree, I teaching grade - 7 teachers, II- teaching grade- 23 teachers.

All the jobs are occupied and the cases of non-studying of a certain subject because of a missing teacher are excluded . All teachers have required skills level and a rich experience of teaching activity.


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