Theoretical Lyceum “Alexandru Ioan Cuza”

Chisinau city

Theoretical Lyceum “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” is a state institution. It was opened for the first time as a primary school in November 1926 in the “Posta Veche” sector of Chisinau city. Later it changed the statute for 7 years school and then in middle school. In 2002 by the Government Decision nr. 992 the school becomes theoretical lyceum. Ih has the name of the country's great Romanian prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza. Crossing the threshold of the institution felt the need to know high school kids and teachers who gave his work, discovering beauty cultivating vocations and values.

School services: primary, secondary and high school. There are 6 chairs that have 108 teachers. 86% have various academic degrees. There are 984 high school students studying in 38 classes. School has classrooms, laboratories, three sports halls, dining room, and large hall.
Students and professors performances are obtained at various competitions. For its merits holds the I place at DGETS.
Working classes in high school profile: dance, arts, theater, modern languages. Enable bands, folk groups “Leaves of longing”, vocal ensemble, certain circles on different subjects and sports circles.
These sequences try to put light on the human realities of the school and a remarkable value of understand what is and what it seeks to be the School of “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” in this city, in these times.

Adresa: 44 Postei str., Chisinau city
Telefon: (+373 22) 468 909
Fax: (+373 22) 468 878
Orar: Mon.-Fri.: 9-17
Vizite firma: 23196