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Technical University of Moldova is the best place to start your engineering career. Leader in the most important international ratings on multiple performance indicators, such as knowledge transfer, institutional research capacity, international visibility and recognition, economic and social relevance, TUM invites you to learn a real profession for a modern world! Engineers create the future!



TUM: 9 faculties to become an engineer in a field with the highest prospects


Electronics and Telecommunications

If words like electronics, telecommunications or real mysteries sound familiar to you, we look forward to discovering them together! We live in a world where electronics surround us, starting with the devices we use all day (mobile phone technology) and continuing with innovations in the process of development. And because the opportunities offered by electronic engineering are tempting and very diverse, FET invests in quality studies to ensure a step-by-step preparation with the evolutions and technologies of time.

Study programs:

Technologies and Telecommunication Systems; Telecommunication networks and software; Applied Electronics; Security of electronic and telecommunications systems; Engineering and management in telecommunications.


Energy and Electrical Engineering

Do you want to control the energy? Come to learn the art of efficient use of energy resources and the use of renewable energy sources, rational exploitation of electricity and thermal energy supply systems, the automation of technological processes based on intelligent electromechanical systems require qualified specialists in these fields.

Study programs:

Power Systems; power system; Electromechanical systems engineering; Engineering and quality management; Engineering and management in energy.


Computers, Computer Science and Microelectronics

Why do you need to do a college in IT? The professions of the future demand systemic thinking, creativity, teamwork, interdisciplinarity and project management capabilities. These qualities combined with the skills of designing and programming electronic devices or information systems, developing security solutions or analyzing massive data, all developed within the programs of study of the faculty, will allow easy placement in the future involving new materials and nano -technologies, process automation and robotization, widely applied artificial intelligence in order to improve human activity.

Study programs:

Computers and networks; Microelectronics and nanotechnologies; Information technology; Information Technology (Francophone Branch); Software Engineering (Anglophone Industry); Automatic and computer science; Robotics and mechatronics; Applied computer science; Biomedical engineering; Information management; Information security.


Food technology

Whoever said beauty comes from within, was right. Healthy eating is reflected in a healthy body. And from whom to learn if not from experts, who, besides the nutrition lesson, also offer us a lifestyle. You can enjoy the most delicious cooking lessons at the Food Technology Faculty! Here, under the baton of true masters of food you can learn the art of cooking, but also various scientifically argued technologies of cooking, oenology, dairy, sausages, etc. We invite you to the FFT, to tasting, refining and reasoning lessons in food technology!

Study programs:

Technology and management of public food; Food technology (with options package: Meat and meat technology - Bakery technology - Milk and dairy technology; Fruit and vegetable preservation and processing technology); Technology of wine and fermentation products; biotechnology; Engineering and management in the food industry; Alimentary Technologies (Francophone Industry).


Mechanical, Industrial and Transport Engineering

The graduate from Mechanical Engineering is present everywhere. From cars to artificial cold and robots, from thermal engines to aircraft engines and mechatronic computer systems - areas that are continuously developing, thanks to the fascinated engineers of innovation and technological transfer, the design and manufacture of cars, mechanical equipment and car transport. Moreover, mechanical engineering, motor vehicles, mechatronics will never cease to exist, but on the contrary, they will always become more efficient with the help and involvement of the engineers.

Study programs:

The technology of the construction of cars (with the package of options: The technology of the construction of cars. Welding engineering. Innovative engineering and technological transfer); Machinery and production systems (with the package of options: Machinery and production systems. Construction of agricultural equipment and machinery. Renewable energy systems engineering); Mechanical engineering (with the package of options: Machines and apparatus in the food industry. Machines and apparatus in the light industry. Machines and technologies for packaging products); Refrigerating machines and installations, air conditioning systems; Industrial design; Engineering and management in the construction of cars; Engineering and management in transport; Car transport engineering; Transport and forwarding services. Within the faculty the Technical College activates.


Urbanism and Architecture

The architect is an engineer, but also an artist, a creator, a thinker. In his hands are the destinies of big cities. Beyond the freedom of thought and creation in the creation of new projects, it has the important mission of preserving the architectural identity of the cities, localities, in close connection with the environment, but also with the predilections of the inhabitants.

Study programs:

Architecture; Urban and regional planning; Interior design; Engineering of construction materials and articles; Railways, roads, bridges; Water supply, sewerage; Engineering of the thermal, gas and air conditioning systems for buildings.


Construction, Geodesy and Cadastre

The constructions represent one of the oldest areas of development of the world, in which, as in the mirror, the immense involvement of humanity, from the point of view of creation, of the desire to make order in this interesting but at the same time chaotic world is reflected. The need to know the shape and size of the Earth, representations on maps and on cadastral and topographic plans, the safe construction, the efficient management, the correct evaluation and the observance of the legal provisions, provisions that represent the foundation of a rule of law, all together defined the purpose and the noble mission of the Faculty Construction, Geodesy and Cadastre.

Study programs:

Industrial and civil constructions; Geodesic and cadastre engineering; Real estate appraisal and development; Law (Heritage Law); Fire engineering and civil protection; Engineering and management in constructions.


Economic and Business Engineering

At EBE we train specialists who can apply skills from the economic field, combining them with the technical and technological aspects for the real sector of the economy. Using advanced methods from statistical analysis, mathematics and IT, they know how to identify new trends in economic activity, economic indicators, changes in consumer behavior, evaluate them and come up with recommendations for improvement, in line with market requirements.

Study programs:

Business and administration; Marketing and logistics; Accounting.


Textiles and Polygraphy

If you are passionate about fashion, art, beauty, style, modeling - the Textile and Polygraphy Faculty is your destination. At FTP we discover the fascinating world of specialties on the border between technique, science and art.

Study programs:

Technology and design of textile garments; Technology and design of footwear and footwear

leather goods; Industrial clothing design; Polygraphic design and technologies; Textile engineering and management; Applied decorative arts.


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