Armed Forces Military Academy “ALEXANDRU CEL BUN”

Chisinau city

The Military Academy of the Armed Forces “Alexandru cel Bun” is the only higher education institution in the field of military, organized training of military personnel on 3 cycles: Bachelor’s Degree (Cycle I); Master's Degree (Cycle II); Doctoral Degree (Cycle III).

Cycle I, Bachelor’s Degree studies:

Within the bachelor studies, the institution forms officers, according to the needs of the National Army, at the specialties: Infantry subunits management; Artillery subunits Management; Communicative and IT Subunits Management 180 EFCTS (training period - 3 years).

Cycle II, Master's Degree studies:

Master studies are conducted for the general field of Military Studies, to the master's degree program “Security and Defense” - 90-120 ECTS (training time – 1,5-2 years).

Cycle III, Doctoral Degree studies:

The doctorate program of the Doctoral School “Military and Security Sciences” (training period - 3 years) and is carried out in the fields of training / specialties: Security and Defense and Military Art.

Graduates of the first cycle of Bachelor's degree are awarded:

·      Primary degree of Lieutenant Corps.

·      Driving license category “B”.

·      Working place guaranteed in one of the military units of the National Army.

Studies, accommodation, equipment and alimentation are free of charge.

Bachelor's degree studies can be attended by both boys and girls holding a baccalaureate diploma or equivalent.

Masters and Doctorate can be attended both collaborators of force structures and civilians who opt for the “Security and Defense” field can participate.


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