School of Creativity and Inventiveness ''Prometeu-Protalent''

Chisinau city

The High School of Creativity and Invention “Prometeu-Protalent” - an educational institution focused on quality and performance! It is the high school that made and makes history. It was born with the Republic of Moldova: it was established by Government Decision no.473 of August 29, 1991, having as founder ”TOCONO” Creation Association („Totul Copiilor Noștri”) and carrying out his activity under the “Concept of personality development of the Pupil in the conditions of alternative education”, elaborated by Aurelian Silvestru, doctor in psychology, writer, author of textbooks, Doctor Honoris Causa in Education, Member of the European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Literature in Paris.

It was named, in turn: The High School of Creativity and Invention “Prometeu”; High School "Prometeu-Prim"; Primary School “Prometeu-Junior”. From the summer of 2019, it is renamed the High School of Creativity and Invention “Prometeu-Protalent”, being registered with the Public Services Agency of the Republic of Moldova, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, under no. 4834 (IDNO: 1010620008990). Unique founder – “TOCONO”, represented by Mr. Aurelian Silvestru.

It is intended, in particular, for pupils capable of performing and, respecting the state educational standards, is guided by the principle: health, intelligence and talent, united by culture in a creative and moral personality.

It has all the necessary conditions for effective education, with highly qualified teachers.

Admission is made from 7 years (for the first grades), but the institution has, annually, preparatory classes to the school, in which registration is made from six years. During the school year, parents can enroll their children in the extended-term program, in which pupils stay in school, serve lunch and participate in various extracurricular activities until 5 p.m.

Being a private educational institution, the High School of Creativity and Invention “Prometeu-Protalent” concludes with the parents a collaboration agreement that regulates the relations between the school and the family, with all the rights and obligations deriving from it. The annual tuition fee constitutes the equivalent in MDL of 1800 (one thousand eight hundred) euros, which parents can pay monthly or in advance for the whole school year.

Applications for admission are submitted in the teacher’s room of the primary classes from 117, A. Șciusev street.

We are a competent team that knows from the beginning that the only impediment for a school to become very good is a very bad teacher, as we all strive to be very good, so as not to disappoint neither the pupils nor the parents.

The key to success is work. A hard and responsible work, but at the same time - a noble work, bringing with it many spiritual satisfactions.

We look forward to sharing these satisfactions with you!









Adresa: 117 Sciusev str., Chisinau city
Telefon: (+373 22) 232 294
Gsm: (+373 79) 994 040
Orar: Mon.-Fr.: 8-17
Vizite firma: 19165