Tiraspol State University

Chisinau city

(Based in Chisinau)

Tiraspol State University is the first higher education institution in the Republic of Moldova, founded on October 1, 1930. Since 1992, the university is located in Chisinau.

Over the course of 85 years, TSU trained more than 75 thousand specialists at its faculties, and many of them became prominent personalities in various fields - pre-university and university education, scholars in national pedagogy and economy, in culture, writers. Most of the professors - teachers from the university hold scientific and didactic titles. The University expands its area of ​​collaboration with institutions in the country and abroad - Romania, Russia, Ukraine and so on. Students benefit from scholarship and hostel.


The studies at the university can be carried out on a budget and on a contract basis, with daily or reduced frequency, with teaching in Romanian and Russian languages ​​at the following faculties.

Cycle I: Bachelor's degree

1. Faculty of Philology;

2. Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Information Technologies;

3. Faculty of Biology and Chemistry;

4. Faculty of Geography;

5. Faculty of Pedagogy.

The duration of university studies in cycle I is 4 years for double specialties and 3 years for single specialties.

Cycle II: Higher studies of MASTER

1. Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Information Technologies;

2. Faculty of Biology and Chemistry;

3. Faculty of Geography;

4. Faculty of Philology;

5. Faculty of Pedagogy.

Adresa: 5 Iablocichin str., Chisinau city
Telefon: (+373 22) 754 924
Orar: Mon.-Fri.: 8:30-17
Vizite firma: 7857