Babii Ortoped

Chisinau city


Medical center “BABII-ORTOPED” is a specialized center in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the locomotor system and of the central nervous system in children and adults WITHOUT MEDICINES, but very efficient.

For a long time, the congenital pathology of the organs of the locomotor system can remain without any manifestations, however the existence of such disorders will lead to serious consequences for our body.

Early diagnosis of congenital pathology is an important factor for a successful treatment.

Our medical center “BABII-ORTOPED” offers the services of highly qualified specialists in treating the problems of the locomotive system:

- Consultation offered by the experienced and highly qualified orthopedic-traumatologist doctor, doctor in medical sciences Babii Serghei;

- Experienced and careful massagists;

- Excellent specialists in the field of physiotherapy.

As a result of the treatment performed in our BABII-ORTOPED center, more than 26 thousand patients have already escaped such diseases as:

- consequences of trauma;

- headaches;

- depression;

- injuries at birth;

- congenital dislocation of the hip;

- congenital dysplasia of the hip joints;

- coxarthrosis of the hip joints;

- scoliosis;

- osteochondrosis;

- kyphosis;

- torticollis;

- herniated disc;

- trigeminal inflammation;

- deviations of the spastic type;

- high blood pressure.

An orthopedic is extremely important for future moms, as the enlarging belly is bent more and more toward the pelvis, so the lower back is increasingly required, leading to the appearance of back pain, so an orthopedic treatment course is required before pregnancy.

Rehabilitation in our center means a recovery and recovery in case of trauma or any other consequences of some diseases (stroke, heart attack, etc.).

Rehabilitation of locomotor system disorders includes the following procedures:

1. Massage, which has a direct effect on the muscles of the body, blood vessels and internal organs. A therapeutic massage relaxes and restores the powers.

2. Acupressure, when pressure is applied on specific points, to improve blood flow and relieve pain.

3. Medical gymnastics. Physical exercises aim to increase joint mobility and muscle elasticity.

4. PIR (post-isometric relaxation).

5. Kinesitherapy (corrective gymnastics).

6. Manual therapy, skilled manual manipulation to diagnose and treat diseases of the locomotor system, is used to balance all systems of the body.

Orthopedics is a delicate science and it is very important to choose the right doctor according to his professionalism, namely such a doctor being the doctor in medical sciences Babii Serghei.

All of our procedures contribute to the normalization of the cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous system, to the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract and blood irrigation.

Completely eliminate the cause of the disease, not just the pain.

In our center you will find the most reasonable and affordable prices.

Work program:

Doctor consultation - between 10:00 and 17:00, without a break.

The procedures are available from 08:00 to 18:00.


Adresa: 1, 2M, 2-nd floor, Romana str., Chisinau city
Telefon: (+373 22) 928 878
Gsm: (+373 79) 543 711
Orar: Mon.-Fri.: 8-18
Vizite firma: 835