Republican Narcology Dispensary

Chisinau city

Medical services:

·      Consultative and diagnostic visits;

·      Diagnosis and treatment of alcohol or anti-drug;

·      Medical supervision of persons affected by chronic alcoholism or drug abuse in order to solve

      the health problems, according to normative acts issued by the Ministry of Health, Labor

      and Social Protection;

·      Medical examination of the persons affected by narcology within the Narcological

      Commissions for the determination of the medical tactics, assessment of the volume

      and forms of narcological investigation, confirmation or exclusion of the diagnosis,

      recommendations regarding the activity and the necessity of the medical supervision

      from further on;

·      The social and legal assistance of the persons affected narcologically and their relatives;

·      Psychological and psychotherapeutic assistance in order to adapt and rehabilitate sick


·      Psychological consultation;

·      Psychological counseling;

·      Psychocorrection;

·      Interruption of access to drinking and dipsomania states with pyrogenic preparations;

·      Stopping the acute pathological passion towards alcohol, drugs and other

      psychotropic substances with psychotropic preparations;

·      Prophylaxis of recurrences with prolonged-acting psychotropic preparations;

·      Antirecidious treatment from the psychopathology clinic of remission;

·      Application of the therapeutic complex “anti-alcohol”, “anti-smoking”, “anti-drug”,

      psychotherapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, etc .;

·      Group, individual and family psychotherapy;

·      Anti-alcohol or anti-drug treatment under the conditions of the day-care station for the

      persons affected narcologically, who do not require permanent medical observation and do

      not show major health risks;

·      Adaptation and rehabilitation of persons affected by drug abuse within the Rehabilitation

      Center of persons suffering from drug abuse;

·      Treatment of opiate addiction;

·      Performing the medical examination to establish the state of intoxication and its nature;

·      Carrying out the sample when determining drugs in the biological remedies of the body;

·      Anti-alcohol or drug treatment under stationary conditions, according to the standards. 





Adresa: 8 Ion Pruncul str., Chisinau city
Telefon: (+373 22) 293 596
Orar: Mon.-Fri.: 8-17
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