The kindergarten with the logopedic profile “Mica Academie”

Chisinay city


The only kindergarten with a logopedic profile.

A kindergarten in which live values ​​such as kindness, empathy, fun, learning from mistakes, respect and good manners, self-control, emotional intelligence, to give children an external stimulating environment with rich opportunities to learn through play. The kindergarten with the logopedic profile “Mica Academie” tends to engage constructively and openly with the parents of the little ones and to help them feel fully involved in the kindergarten community.

The activities carried out in groups are organized from the perspective of the orientation towards socialization. That is why the play is very important, being the main method approached by the teachers in the common activities. Children acquire a large part of their abilities and skills, discover the environment and accumulate information.

The education of the language has as objectives: the participation of the children in the discussions, presentation, and transmission of simple messages through questions or answers, correct pronunciation of the sounds, enrichment of the active vocabulary.

The kindergarten with the logopedic profile “Mica Academie” is waiting for children aged 1.5-8 years.

We have the following programs:

·      Short program;

·      Long program;

·      Overtime;

·      Preparation for school;

·      After School;

·      English language;

·      Logopedics.

Even if the time spent in kindergarten may seem like a true Adventure, with the help of the guidance and the special group provided by the teacher, the child will make the first important steps correctly in his social life.


Adresa: 15/C Nicolae Gribov str., Chisinay city
Gsm: (+373 68) 064 415
Orar: Mon.-Fri.: 8-19
Vizite firma: 804