Astra Med

Chisinay city

Massage school.

The best massage courses are now available! AstraMed massage school which is part of the Center for Medical Rehabilitation and Complementary Medicine I.E. Ilie Scutelnic organizes massage courses. Professor Ilie Scutelnic is a rehabilitation doctor, specialist in manual therapy and massage, vice director of the Association of Masseurs of the Republic of Moldova. The massage course is structured in two modules with duration of four weeks each.

Module 1 includes:

- The human anatomy and physiology;

- Classic massage;

- Vacuum massage;

- Massage with ethereal oils;

- Point massage;

- Cellulite massage.

Module 2 includes:

- Curative-prophylactic (therapeutic) massage for adults and children.

 To truly become a good professional you need quality training in an elite school.

AstraMed Massage School is the oldest and most prestigious massage school in Moldova, training highly qualified specialists.


Adresa: 49/4 Tighina str. , Chisinay city
Gsm: (+373 79) 804 428; (+373 60) 420 045
Orar: Mon.-Fri.: 9-20
Vizite firma: 852