The Center of Culture and Art (CCA) “Ginta Latină”

Chisinau city

The Center of Culture and Art (CCA) “Ginta Latină” was founded by the Ministry of Culture in 1989, as a musical theater for children and youth, presenting memorable performances, some in absolute premiere, such as the rock opera “Mioriţa” by L. Știrbu, the musicals “Ciubăr Vodă” by V. Alecsandri, “Soacra cu trei nurori” by I. Creangă, “Liola” by L. Pirandello, “Răpirea preafrumoaselor Sabine” by L. Andreev, “Nunta lui Figaro” by P. Beaumarche, the tales “Spada Frântă” by S. Lepa, “Cenuşăreasa” by Ch. Perrot, “Balada Crinului” by O. Grigoriu, “Împăratul îmbrobodit” by Gh. Calamanciuc, then “O noapte furtunoasă” by I.L. Caragiale, “Mofturi parfumate” by I.L. Caragiale.


Along the way, in the composition of the CCA, besides the musical theater, other groups appear today, prestigious, such as “Liviu Ştirbu” Creation Studio, the Alternative Rock Formation “Gândul Mâței”, “Enigma Romilor” Song and Dance Ensemble, which have an intense concert activity. Currently, the Film Studio “PelasgFilm” has also been added, which has released several documentary and fiction films.

The musical theater “Ginta Latină” has established itself in the theatrical environment of Moldova as a prestigious institution due to the uniqueness of the genre approached, because it is the only institution that values ​​the genre of the magazine show. He has scenarios anchored in our reality, with themes and topics “hot”, “fished” even from day-by-day life by Tudor Ţărnă, with current conflicts, with humorous outlines, with original musical-choreographic moments, to which compete directors like Tudor Ţărnă, Anatol Burlacu, Mihai Tarna, Vitalie Jacotă, composer Liviu Ştirbu, choreographer Victoria Bucun, set designer and costume painter Adrian Suruceanu. The creative team plays “on notes” the emotional-sentimental range of the gintalatinist actors, highlighting their acting skills, sound voices, beautiful plasticity, inexhaustible vision, creating a pleasant ambience, full of color and character, an effervescent scenic magic, an overflowing joy and humor, which is called “magazine theater”. This is the atmosphere you will find in all the shows of “Ginta Latină” – “Un abecedar bizar”, “Grădina Ştefan Cel Mare”, “Сherchez la femme”, “Generaţia “GL”, „Între Bâc şi Missisippi”, „Carambol”, „Păcală & Company”, “Căderea zeilor”,”Gentilomii vagabonzi”, „Ultimul tramvai” „Trandafiri pe cerul gurii”, „Ghem în ghem”, „O poveste de iarnă”, ”Veselul humuleștean”.

More recently, the theater, which has rebranded, changing its name – “Theater Without a Name”, - diversifies and expands its thematic-interpretative and genre palette, mounting dramatic performances, such as „Boeing, boeing”, ”My Darling Missis Kronky”, ”12 șoapte în a 12-cea noapte”, ”Notenkraker”, ”Terrarium” și ”Pălărioara florentină”. The shows are entertaining, colorful, they have quality music, pleasant plastic expression, recognizable human patterns, situations that deal with stringent themes and convey positive human messages, but they also have the talent to make fun of the shortcomings of society and people, to describe our forehead with waggish jokes and create our good mood.

The year 2019 is a jubilee year for those at CCA “Ginta Latină”, because they are celebrating 30 years of artistic existence. This is precisely why; many different surprises await viewers. The jubilee will be marked by new and exciting shows - dramatic and musical-choreographic for the first time, an anniversary themed show, book launches, film, CDs, photo exhibitions, sketches / costumes etc. All spectators are waiting, eager to fill their batteries with joy, enthusiasm, humor, color, sound and optimism!

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