Chisinau city

M-INTER-FARMA S.A. company represents  a considerable leader in the medical equipment, disinfectants, related consumables, pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products sector of marketing and supply, in the Republic of Moldova, during of 26 years.

Being an official representative of many world-renowned manufacturers, M-INTER-FARMA S.A. offers marketing, consulting, technical assistance and care services in public and private medical institutions throughout the country.

Products offered:

Ø Medical equipment: Ultrasound Systems, Anesthesia machines, HFO ventilators, X-ray

   Systems, Sterilizers, Autoclaves, Washing machines, Hematological analyzers, Medical


Ø Consumables:

- Analog and digital Roentgen films;

- Fixatives and developers;

- Radiation protection equipment: aprons, collars, pilgrims, doors;

- Supplies and tests for sterilization;

- Masks, caps, gloves, gowns, aprons, boots;

- Various surgical sterile sets;

- Disposable bedsheets and drapes;

Ø Disinfectants for: 

- the surgical field, skin, teguments and  hands;

- invasive and non-invasive medical instruments, medical devices;

- disinfection of surfaces in the industrial, food, commercial industries;

- in school, preschool, administrative and other premises;

- biological, medical and non-medical waste.

The services offered by our team are:

- Marketing and delivery: medical equipment, medical supplies and disinfectants;

- Providing maintenance, warranty / post-warranty works;

- Providing the service works of the delivered medical equipment;

- Providing the installation, asemblle, service of Roentgen Systems.

The team of the M-INTER-FARMA S.A. company obtains performances for widening the range and quality of the services offered according to the highest international standards, being certified and accredited by National and International Bodies in the respective fields.

We are assisting health!


Adresa: 23 Grenoble str., Chisinau city
Telefon: (+373 22) 904 005; (+373 22) 904 006
Orar: Mon.-Fri.: 8-18
Vizite firma: 5800