PHMI Mother and Child Institute, Clinic Emlian Cotaga

Chisinau city


(founded in 1955)
The institution is providing the care in the country specialized  in children from birth to 18 years under inpatient and outpatient consultative. During the year Clinic 'Em. Coţaga" is treating 7000-8000 children and have 20000-23000 plane and urgent consultations by specialists institution.
Within the institution operates non-stop the following subdivisions:

Surgery profile

- oro-maxillofacial surgery;

- ophthalmology and microsurgery eye;
- combustiology;
- otorhinolaryngology.
Pediatric profile:

- Department of Pediatrics for children with metabolic disorders, malnutrition and resuscitation (for early childhood). All surgeries for children are provided with general contemporary anesthesia. When children need medical care is given in: resuscitation and intensive care wards. Republican institution is composed of Audiology Center, Auditory Prosthetics and medical and pedagogical rehabilitation, performing prosthesis for children and adults with hearing aids. The diagnosis and healing process is provided by contemporary level: clinical and biochemical laboratory, immunological, microbiological, medical diagnostics office, ultrasound, endoscopy, etc. and is fitted with modern medical equipment. Special child care is provided by a team of highly professional and qualified doctors. Out of 60 specialists working in hospital, 2 have PhDs in medicine, 8 - medical doctors, 45 - top class doctors. 

Adresa: 2 V. Alecsandri str., Chisinau city
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Orar: 24/24
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