32 years of aesthetic surgery
Dr. Viorel Cotea












33% discount on cosmetic surgery operations

Interventions are performed by Dr. Serghei Grati, surgeon

Starting this spring, at “Dr. Cotea” Clinic, a project of “Neogen” in the Republic of Moldova, cosmetic surgery operations are performed with 33% reduction of the total cost. Interventions are performed by Dr. Serghei Grati, general surgeon, PhD, who has practice of over five years with plastic surgeon Dr. Viorel Cotea. If until yesterday, Dr. Serghei Grati assisted daily and hourly Dr. Viorel Cotea, the initiator of the specialty of plastic surgery in the Republic of Moldova, today the roles have reversed. Currently breast operations, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty or facelift, can be achieved successfully by Dr. Serghei Grati, assisted by the founder of the clinic, Dr. Viorel Cotea. Patients (males or females) who choose Dr. Serghei Grati, as it was mentioned, have an amazing 33% discount of the price. With an extraordinary craftsmanship, Dr. Serghei Grati performs stand-alone, for several years, operations like abdomenoplasty and gynecomastia. Regarding breast implants, both doctors use endoscopic method whose results are spectacular - zero scars etc. Working together, these two doctors have achieved what very few specialists in the world could perform - two, three and even four plastic surgeries under the same anesthesia. Here comes as a completion and Dr. Nicolae David, anesthesiologist with a capacity exceeding the limits of knowledge.